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Weaving From End to End (Beginner)

Weaving From End to End (Beginner)

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In this beginner workshop, participants will learn to plan a woven project, dress a floor loom from front to back, read a draft, and execute fundamental weave structures including plain weave, twills, and tapestry. Best practices for ergonomic, sustainable weaving for the body and mind will also be covered*. In two 6-hour sessions, students will weave and cut off their first woven sampler to take home and cherish as is or turn into a functional textile. An optional third session for open work time is available as needed.

This class is open to individuals and duos. Those enrolled as a pair will work together, sharing the labor of preparing a warp and dressing the loom. Each student will take turns weaving and can decide to collaborate on one sample or split the warp into two sections for separate weavings. The studio is equipped with fiber art books as well as a pre-prepared table loom available for students to use when the other is weaving. 

Please arrive well rested and ready to focus. Coffee, tea, and water will be available throughout the day.

*Please note that this workshop utilizes a floor loom and equipment which requires simultaneous use of the upper and lower body. Dressing the loom involves sitting for an extended period with concentrated eye and hand work. 

Building access: The Grand on River building has a zero step entrance and single stall restroom with one step down. We are located at the Warren bus stop. Free street parking is available across the street on 17th. 

Email before purchase to schedule sessions.

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